Foster Information Page

Use the buttons linked below as a cheat sheet for all the important forms, contacts, and links relevant to fostering with SCCR.

For Easy Reference:

Before You Get Your Foster Dog:

paw print

Submit an application to become an SCCR Foster through Better Impact and completing the Foster Module and the Handling Module.

Questions? Contact: Deb Hays

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Choose from the listed pups in need of foster homes (please note that we expect fosters to commit to dogs until adoption) and select a name for your foster dog.

First-time fosters are assigned a Foster Buddy to guide them through the foster process and should also receive a call from our Foster & Adopter Support Team regarding decompression.

Questions? Contact: Carrie Lander


Request supplies for your foster using the form linked above (deadline is Thursday by 5pm for Saturday transport or Adoption Show pick-up). Please submit supply orders ASAP to give our Supplies Manager time to prepare.

Supplies should NOT be given to adopters; SCCR reuses all supplies, including collars, harnesses, and leashes.

Questions? Contact: Lori Bartoli

Caring for Your Foster Dog:

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Pick up your Foster Dog!

You will receive an email from our Transport Coordinator, Linda Schaschwary, with details about where and when to pick up your dog.

Transport pickups will occur either Saturday evening or Sunday morning; most occur at our Adoption Center in Palatine -- 570 N. Smith St.

Questions? Contact: Linda Schaschwary

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Provide Proper Decompression

Create a "safe space" for your foster dog away from the rest of the house & family with a crate & calming music to aid in decompression & do not immediately introduce family pets or children.


Coordinate Medical Care

Our medical manager, Martha, will reach out via email to schedule necessary medical care. Please email her with any medical concerns about your foster.

In the event of traumatic medical injury, please call Martha at 847-807-5757 ASAP. If the call is not answered, please text her & include “ER” along with the dog’s name in the message.

Questions? Contact: Martha Lemke

If Needed:

icon babysitter

If you are going to be out of town and need a sitter for your foster dog, please fill this out (as far in advance as possible). Our "Babysitter's Club" will do their very best to accommodate the request.

Questions? Contact: Betsy Smith

icon dasher

Need help transporting your dog to and/or from a vet appointment or an adoption show? Don't have time to pick up medication for your foster pup? Our team of "Dog Dashers" is here to help! Please submit your request using the appropriate forms linked in the button above.

Questions? Contact: Robin Richey

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If your dog is exhibiting any behavioral issues, please get in touch with our Foster and Adopter Support Team (FAST) to report the issue using the forms linked in the button above. Our FAST Team also provides training support and resources.

Questions? Contact: Emily Asher

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While we expect fosters to care for their foster dogs until they find their forever homes (this can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the dog), if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from carrying out this commitment, please reach out to Carrie Smith ( to discuss the issue, and then fill out the form linked above to request a new foster placement for your dog. Once you've completed the form, our intake team can begin searching for a different placement.

Questions? Contact: Carrie Smith

Finding Your Foster Dog a Forever Home:

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The Adoption Process

You will receive an email from our Adoptions Manager, Carrie Smith, with further information when your foster is eligible for adoption after a minimum of two weeks in a foster home.

There are currently 3 different options for the Adoption Process:

(1) Adoption Appointments at our Adoption Center in Palatine.

(2) Adoption Shows at PetSmart in Schaumburg (1440 E. Golf Rd), typically Saturdays 10am-1pm
(3) Virtual Adoptions done remotely by an assigned Adoption Counselor

Questions? Contact: Carrie Smith

icon photos

Take + Submit Quality Photos

Help promote your dog by taking quality pictures of them and emailing them to

Please send in your photos BEFORE your foster dog becomes available for adoption to prevent any delays in getting them posted!

Tips for Taking Quality Photos:
A mix of headshots & body shots give potential adopters a sense of dogs’ appearance & size.
Take well-lit photos (outdoors ensures bright, natural light).
If your foster is a social butterfly, take a photo of them other dogs (or cats!) to showcase this quality!
Need Help Getting Quality Photos of your Foster Dog?
Our Photography Team is also available to help take quality photos of your foster at an Adoption Show or another location.
Please email Carrie Smith to coordinate:

Questions? Contact: Lynn Henry

icon bios

Help promote your foster by responding promptly and thoroughly to an email request from our Bios Team to fill out the Bio Form (typically after you have had your foster for 1 week). If you have any questions or concerns about the bio once it is posted, contact the Bio team directly. Please note that puppies younger than 6 months get a generic bio.

Questions? Contact: Meghan Copas

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Promote Your Pup!

Share updates about your foster dog with other volunteers on the SCCR Volunteers Facebook page.

Post about your foster dog on your own social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and tag SCCR so that the SCCR marketing team can re-post your updates!

Questions? Contact: Melissa Butkus