What to Expect

Prior to the adoption event

  • Get excited!  Choosing to adopt is one of the most fun and responsible choices that you can make when getting a dog.
  • Fill out an application on our website so that we know that you’re coming and can be sure to let you know which location the dog you’re interested in will be at.
  • Often, we have several families interested in the same dog.  Please trust that we do our best to create the perfect match, and if your family isn’t chosen, we want to continue to work with you to find that perfect dog to complete your family!

During the event

  • Keep an open mind!  You may fall in love with a dog whom you didn’t even notice on our website when you meet him/her at the show.  Our Adoption Counselors would love to help find the perfect fit for your family!
  • Stop by the table to check in.  The Adoption Counselors will ensure your application has been received and point you in the direction of the dog you’re most interested in.
  • Meet the dog you’re interested in (and others!) and ask the handler any questions you may have about the dog or the adoption process.
  • Before heading out, please stop by the table to ensure we know which dog(s) you are most interested in.

The Adoption

  • Adoption decisions are typically made starting at approximately 12pm; however, high volumes of adopters or dogs may delay this.
  • If chosen as the adopter for a particular dog, you’ll be asked to come back to the adoption event to complete the adoption paperwork.
  • If you aren’t chosen for a particular dog, please continue to work with us – we believe there is a right dog out there for just about everyone, and we’d love to help you find your next best friend!

The Home-Based Meet & Greet

  • Adoption events can be quite chaotic! We want to ensure all your questions are answered and you have time with your dog in a home environment.
  • This is scheduled at the time of the adoption, based on your schedule & the schedule of a volunteer.
  • No adoption is final until the completion of the home-based meet & greet.  This allows you to be comfortable with the dog in your home, and ensures the dog is in a safe environment.

Preparing for Your Newly Adopted Dog to Come Home

  • Purchase supplies!  Your new friend will need a leash, collar (with tags!), food/water bowls, a crate, toys, training treats, etc.
  • SCCR provides veterinary care prior to adoption, including age-appropriate vaccinations (rabies, distemper, parvovirus, bordetella), heartworm test (6 months & older), tick-borne disease panel (6 months & older), fecal test (for intestinal parasites), microchip (which is automatically registered to you upon adoption), spay/neuter.  We recommend bringing your newly adopted dog into your vet for an examination soon after adoption for your own peace of mind.
  • A Sound Beginning books are provided to each adopter to help set your family & your new dog up for success!