Fostering a dog enriches the lives of everyone involved. Fostering is where a dog can learn that it is loved. Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR) relies on foster homes to not only provide a safe place to stay, but to provide everyday care, affection and socialization, until a permanent family comes along who will love them forever. 

With close support and assistance from SCCR, here is an example of what a foster home is responsible for:

  • Caring for a dog as your own until it finds it forever home (this can vary in length from dog to dog)
  • Bringing your foster dog to the veterinarian for care as seen fit and scheduled by Medical Coordinator
  • Bringing your foster dog to Adoption Events, or Adoption Center for potential forever homes to meet
  • Answering questions about your foster dog for potential adopters at Adoption Events (or occasionally via email or phone)
  • Teaching your foster dog how to live in a home environment
  • Working with the SCCR Board, Trainer, or Foster Buddy if any behavioral concerns arise (housebreaking, chewing, etc.)
  • Communicating with the SCCR Board and Adoption Counselors regarding any specific needs your foster dog might have

If interested in fostering a dog, please complete the application below. Once submitted, SCCR will review and schedule an in-depth foster orientation.

SCCR does NOT discriminate. All breeds, ages, sizes, and colors are welcomed and loved.

Note: Due to health & safety concerns during COVID-19, the foster home must have access to transportation to pick-up the dog and supplies, as well as transport the dog to medical and adoption appointments.

Foster Home Application


Please list all people (including you) that will be living in the household with your new dog

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Please list all the pets that you've had within the last 10 years.
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