Resources for Fosters

Already fostering a dog and have a question?

Thank you for choosing to be a foster with Second City Canine Rescue! The resources below are designed to help you care for your foster dog. Please do not hesitate to contact the adoptions team at any time with questions.

How to Claim a Foster Dog

View and apply to care for the dogs in need of a foster home.

Provide Proper Decompression

Learn more about what this means and how to provide it.

Coordinate Medical Care

Please email our medical team with any questions or concerns.

Order Supplies

Request supplies for your foster or reach out to

Help Us Promote Your Pup!

Request supplies for your foster

Request a Dog Dash

Need help transporting your dog to the vet or an adoption show?

Training Support

Please report any behavior or training issues to our Foster and Adopter Support Team (FAST).

Request a Dog Sitter

Our “Babysitter’s Club” will do their very best to accommodate the request.

Request a New Foster Home

If it's not working out, our intake team can place your dog in a new foster home.

Foster FAQ's

Submit an application to become an SCCR Foster through Better Impact and completing the Foster Module and the Handling Module.

You will receive an email from our Transport Coordinator, Linda Schaschwary, with details about where and when to pick up your dog.

Transport pickups will occur either Saturday evening or Sunday morning; most occur at our Adoption Center in Palatine — 570 N. Smith St.

In the event of traumatic medical injury, please call Martha at 847-807-5757 ASAP. If the call is not answered, please text her & include “ER” along with the dog’s name in the message.

Adoption can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the dog.

You will receive an email from our Adoptions Manager, Carrie Smith, with further information when your foster is eligible for adoption after a minimum of two weeks in a foster home.


There are currently 3 different options for the adoption process:

  1. (1) Adoption Appointments at our Adoption Center in Palatine.
  2. Adoption Shows at PetSmart in Schaumburg (1440 E. Golf Rd), typically Saturdays 10am-1pm.
  3. Virtual Adoptions done remotely by an assigned adoption counselor.

Help promote your dog by taking quality pictures of them and emailing them to