Foster Supply

Foster Supply Guidelines

Use this form to request the needed supplies for your dog.

PLEASE WASH AND CLEAN EACH ITEM prior to receiving a new SCCR dog into your home!

Supplies can be returned either to the Adoption Center or to Lori Bartoli in Roselle.

  • If you want to return your supplies to the Adoption Center, the hours there are Monday-Friday 8-12 & 2-8 and weekends 8-8.
  • If you prefer to return them to Lori, please contact her at (or text 847-341-1554) after adoption to schedule a return time.

Please make sure to return the items in the same bag you were given as the foster dog’s name is written on it. We are tracking more expensive items (crates, puppy pens, gates, washable pee pads, Kongs, Toppls, etc.)

If you plan on fostering another dog with SCCR right away, you may hold onto those supplies for your next foster, or return them and request new supplies if you need a different size. 

If you will no longer be fostering for SCCR after this foster dog, please return your supplies.

If this is a NEW foster dog, you can expect to receive an email regarding the transport of your dog from Please check that email for important information about your dog, medical care, and when you can expect pick up to occur.

***Supply requests are subject to availability***

Supply Request Form