Foster Supply

Foster Supply Guidelines

Please request the needed supplies for your dog on this form.

If you plan on fostering more dogs with SCCR, feel free to hold onto those supplies for your next foster. However, please wash and clean each item prior to receiving a new SCCR dog into your home!

If you will no longer be fostering for SCCR after this foster dog, please contact after adoption to schedule a time to return these supplies.

If this is a NEW foster dog, you can expect to receive an email regarding the transport of your dog from Please check that email for important information about your dog, medical care, and when you can expect pick up to occur; our Supplies Coordinator will have your requested supplies waiting at the pickup location. It should be labeled with your foster’s name and may be in a back room, so please double check with the staff prior to leaving so that you receive your supplies. Thank you!

If this is for a current SCCR foster dog already in your home, supplies will be brought to your Adoption Event location on Saturday, as long as the request is received no later than 5pm on the Thursday before the event.

***Supply requests are subject to availability***

Supply Request Form