Foster Training & Behavior Support

The FAST Team provides training resources and behavioral support to our fosters so that both humans and dogs can enjoy a positive foster experience.  We collect regular updates from fosters to aid our team in supporting you, and to help the SCCR Adoptions Team find the most suitable home for your foster dog.
Please use the forms below to communicate any behavior or training issues and updates with the Foster and Adopter Support Team.

Initial Support Request:

If this is your FIRST time contacting FAST/training about your foster dog, please use the form here:


Weekly Update:

If you have already been in contact with a FAST member about your foster dog and have filled out the initial behavior request form, please use the form below to submit your quick weekly update.
This will help keep our team informed of any changes or improvements, and will help ensure that the Adoptions Team is aware of any changes to your foster’s needs, as well.


If a dog or person in your home has been bitten and the bite has broken skin, please immediately contact Medical (Martha) and the FAST lead (Emily), take a picture of the bite, and fill out the incident report form below:

If you need to speak directly with the Foster & Adopter Support team lead, contact Emily Asher at