Capital Campaign

We’ve raised $531,100 of our $600,000 goal!

Our Goal

We have made a promise to each of the dogs in our care, that they will never find themselves in another shelter. This is why we have set out to imagine and create the SCCR Adoption Center.

Our Vision

The SCCR Adoption Center will be a bright, colorful and inviting homelike space where our community can come to meet their new best friend! A place for volunteer orientations, our board meetings, neighborhood events, and adoptions!

SCCR is incredibly grateful for a significant bequest from Ms. Geraldine van der Meyden in 2015, which enabled the purchase of this building. However, the building itself needs roughly $600,000 to get it up and running as a functional Adoption Center. This money will be used for interior and exterior renovations, including a surgical suite and treatment center.

Letter from the President

Jacquie Cobb, PresidentEver since starting Second City Canine Rescue, people have always asked if we wanted a physical shelter. To be completely honest – my answer was always a resounding “no”, as I never wanted the dogs we rescued from these situations to be placed back into a cold kennel, uncertain of their future.

My answer is still a resounding “no”. That’s what is going to make the SCCR Adoption Center SO very different from a traditional “shelter”.  Warm, cozy beds… people around ALL the time… a small, manageable number of dogs physically in the space at a given time, allowing volunteers to give them more attention than they could ever imagine… and best of all, the chance to go HOME every single day of the week.

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, of “stay-at-home” orders, of uncertainty, dogs are still ending up in shelters.  Dogs are still in need. According to PetHealth Inc., adoptions have declined 39% since the start of COVID-19. Second City Canine Rescue has upped our game and INCREASED our adoptions by 75% – and we don’t plan on stopping there.

The Adoption Center will just be another stop on their journey home. We are so, incredibly excited about how many more lives will be saved, and how many more families will be completed, all because of this incredible facility and the amazing people – donors, volunteers, staff – who are making it happen. Thank you for your continued support – it is needed now more than ever.

Naming and Sponsorship Opportunities

Dog Tag • $34.35 each

3,435 is the number of dogs we have put into forever homes from the day we opened in 2011 until the day we closed on our building in 2020. For a donation  of $34.35, we  invite you to hang a tag from our art installation in our forever home.

Donate and personalize your tag now!

4×8 Tribute Brick • 315 available • $125 each

8×8 Tribute Brick • 157 available • $250 each

Donate and personalize your brick today!
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Dedicate a Bench • $2,500 each

Dedicate the Play Yard Bench • $1,500

Dedicate the Picnic Table • $1,500

Dedicate the Hanging Rattan Porch Swings • 0/2 available • $2,000 each

Dedicate the Pergola • $16,000

Memory Garden Bench • $2,500


Sponsor the Puppy Play Area • $2,500

Sponsor the Treatment Clinic • $20,000

Sponsor the Coffee Bar • $5,000

Sponsor Grooming • $2,000

Sponsor the Kennel Rooms • $30,000

Sponsor a Kennel • $2,500 each

Sponsor the Real Life Room • $10,000

Sponsor the the Play Yard • $10,000

Sponsor the Office • $1,500

Sponsor the Food Prep Area • $1,000

* Want to get involved at a different level? Sponsorships/generous donations over $500 can also be made by emailing or calling 630-222-2966.