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Good With Kids

May is just a sensitive old soul. This girl has had a rough start to her short life. She was found wandering in the woods in Alabama with a litter of puppies before making her way up to Chicago, where she was adopted and then returned. She spent a few months in her previous foster home, where she received a fantastic training foundation; at heart, though, she still is that sad, sweet dog found in the Alabama woods.

May has been with us at the Adoption Center for a week now, and we’d love to work on getting her back into a foster home where she’ll thrive.

We know she loves familiar people (she is quick to give AC staff kisses!!) but can be hesitant at first. With new people, she ducks and backs away from them. If people are trying to force her to interact, she can become stressed. Usually it takes just a few meetings with new people before she lets her guard down, but she is easily won over with treats and hot dogs and will warm up quickly. She loved her previous foster’s young daughter and seems to love children, but she would do well as an only dog. She’s not reactive on walks (in fact, she absolutely loves walks!), but she seems to be more comfortable when she’s got all the love and attention of her people.

May is a natural-born guardian who can become stressed while inside. She loves a sunny spot with a window to look out of, and she absolutely loves being outdoors (this is where she’s happiest!), so a yard would be a huge plus. She would be happy on nice walks where she can stop and smell the roses or whatever flower is in bloom. She loves soft blankets, couch snuggles, and getting pets.

May is totally housebroken, walks well on leash, and doesn’t bark much. Really, all this girl needs is a bit of peace and quiet and someone who is interested in living the slow, easy life with her until she can find her forever people. Who can help May?!