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Arriving from Return
Waiting for a foster at a Veterinary partner (TBD)
8Lab/Bully mixMale60ish (this is a guess)
Good With Kids Good With People

Returns are always hard, but this one is a heartbreaker; Bill and Ted (now Tucker) were adopted together as puppies from SCCR in 2013. The dynamic between the two dogs apparently can become strained when there are visitors in their adopters’ house, leading to the occasional fight between the two dogs — and the adopter’s daughter and two small grandkids and dog recently moved back home indefinitely. As such, these poor boys are currently being kept in the basement away from the rest of the family and the visiting dog, with no end in sight. This is no life for a dog, and we need to bring them back to SCCR ASAP!

We know that Bill loves his people and that is dog-friendly (he passed our temperament test easily). We also know that his adopter had not taken the boys to the vet for the past SIX YEARS; clearly these boys were not getting the care they deserve!

We think he would do best in a home with a dog who can match the energy level of an 8-year-old dog…but we need a foster commitment for this boy in order to get him out of the adopters’ basement!

Who can rescue Bill from this sad situation and help him find a better forever home?

Tucker/Ted (left) and Bill (right)

Bill as a puppy back in 2013

look at these ears! (Bill back in 2013)