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Oliver Hardy
Medium • Male • Puppy
Dachshund Beagle
Spayed/Neutered Vaccinations up to date
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Looking for some classic entertainment? Consider Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy! This comedy duo will have you smiling in no time. 

Born at the end of January, these two male Dachshund/Beagle mixes are full of mirth and mischief. Each one weighs about 10 pounds and they have smooth, glossy fur (Stan’s is brown/black, Oliver’s mainly black). They are playful and friendly with everyone — men, women, other dogs.

Stan & Oliver are typical puppies, learning about things like potty training and household manners. They are good in the crate and spend most of their day together in a playpen area. As might be expected, they are mouthy and will chew on anything and everything, so have a good supply of appropriate toys handy!

They love to play outside and are intrigued by everything: sticks, leaves, rocks, snow. It’s all new and it’s all fun! And when they’re tired out, nothing beats a good cuddle session.

Ready for some slapstick? Some clumsy play and amusing tumbles? Come meet these cuties this weekend. We promise they’ll leave you laughing.

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Please understand, we only adopt our animals out near Chicagoland... we are sorry but we cannot accept any out of state applications. We look forward to speaking with you!

Photo of Oliver Hardy

Photo of Oliver Hardy

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