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Foster Home Information and Responsibilities 

 Foster Homes allow us to rescue homeless animals from a variety of situations by providing these animals with temporary care and shelter until they are adopted. Foster homes are asked to provide plenty of love, food (provided by SCCR) and water, shelter from the elements, and exercise. 

Other responsibilities include: 
  • Caring for a dog as your own until it finds it forever home (this can vary in length from dog to dog)
  • Bringing dog to veterinarian for care as seen fit and scheduled by Medical Coordinator
  • Bringing dog to Adoption Events for potential homes to view
  • Answering questions about your foster dog for potential adopters at Adoption Events (or occasionally via email or phone) 
  • Teaching your foster dog how to live in a home environment
  • Working with the SCCR Board, Trainer, or Foster Mentor if any behavioral concerns arise (housebreaking, chewing, etc.)
  • Communicating with the SCCR Board and Adoption Counselors regarding any specific needs your foster dog might have 


“I foster animals because once I realized there was a huge need for foster homes I couldn’t sit there and NOT do anything about it. I have been fostering since 2007, but have truly found a home within SCCR. I have had a few “favorites” but the one foster dog that sticks out the most is Nellie. She was a beautiful white Boxer that made everyone in my family fall head over heels in love. She is the only foster dog that we truly considered failing with. Ultimately, she was adopted by friends of ours and we enjoy being able to see her and occasionally pup-sit! The leadership of SCCR make fostering easy and enjoyable by being easily approachable, having expectations clearly outlined, and by being incredibly organized. Additionally everything is provided food us so nothing ever needs to come out of pocket. We are only responsible for creating a loving, temporary home for a dog in need. There are few things more rewarding.- Jennifer, Foster Home and Photographer 

"Fostering is addicting! I have fostered over 60 dogs and puppies for SCCR in a little over 2 years. I have loved each of them but am happy to see them go to their forever homes. It is a wonderful experience for my children who will grow up around so many different types of dogs. They have learned to help with them and socialize them to help make the dogs the best possible family pet. My children are learning valuable lessons and a tremendous amount of compassion for the animals. They love to know we have helped in saving lives. Knowing that there are many more that need us makes it easier for all of us to say good-bye when the perfect home comes along." -Jana, Adoption Counselor and Foster Home

"I’ve been fostering since 2001. It all started when I saw an ad on Craigslist that 23 dogs needed to find rescue or they were going to be killed. A rescue saved them and I felt the need to at least foster one of them and help them out. Well, I've been fostering ever since and can't imagine NOT fostering. You do have favorites every once in a while and sometimes it's really hard to give them up. BUT, when you see all the dogs that need rescue and you know you had a part in saving a dog's life and giving that dog a fantastic family- it makes it  bit easier!! SCCR makes it SO easy and simple to foster. They supply EVERYTHING you need- including knowledge and support with every question you can think of. I couldn't think of another rescue that I'd want to be affiliated with! -Debbie, Foster Home and Adoption Counselor 

"To anyone wanting to foster or volunteer in general, it's a very rewarding experience, knowing you saved a life. I have cried with pretty much every dog I've fostered when they got adopted. The longer they've stayed, the more attached I get, but the screening process is very detailed with potential adopters. So I know the dog is going to a great home. SCCR is a great rescue to foster for! They will help find the best dog for you to foster based on YOUR needs (puppy, adult dog, small, large, quiet, high energy....) Very supportive team members & volunteers who are all willing to help one another! Give it a shot!! You won't be sorry you did!! :o) -Tracey, Foster Home and Media Designer